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Difference between Machine learning and Artificial intelligence


Hey all, machine learning and artificial Intelligence are in-demand technologies in 2021 as well as in future years with no doubt but both the terminologies are itself a cluster of different technologies as well as some prerequisites involved in it. What do I mean through this statement is that, if we want to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence then we are indeed bound to learn data science, probability and statistics, not in deep but basic concepts are expected to be cleared, a programming language — python, most preferred to start with and it’s libraries forex. Numpy, pandas, etc. Now…

Hey all, I know that there are heaps of technologies available for us to learn but for now, I am going to talk only about Django, because it’s a great language to start as a backend engineer. The prerequisites of learning this are internet, a laptop/computer and your focused mind, that’s it!

Django — A backend programming language powered by Python

The first step is to learn python programming language. If you know any programming language before, but yet python is the base of Django so we can’t skip it. Just remember during your learning process, don’t go too deep into learning. Just learn basics precisely and then get…

Ravindra Rajendra Kanitkar

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